Quizitri’s 6-Day Challenge Review

Embark on a 6-day journey to enhance your learning, engagement, and traffic with Quizitri’s 6-Day Challenge. This challenge, available for a limited time only on Clickbank, starting 11am EST on July 18th, 2023, is designed to help you leverage the power of quizzes for your online endeavors.

Quizzes are not just a source of entertainment, but a potent tool for learning, engagement, and marketing. This challenge will guide you through the process of creating and promoting engaging quizzes, optimizing their results, and even monetizing them.

Day 1

First day gets you geared up to kickstart your journey with a grand flourish? We certainly are… In this initial phase, you’ll understand the immense potential of Quizzes, and we’ll ignite your enthusiasm to tackle this challenge with full force.

From the very first day, you’ll uncover:

  • The kinds of quizzes that claim an impressive 96% completion rate.
  • The reason why a mere total of 4 hours is sufficient to triumph in this challenge.
  • The strategy to adopt when things don’t go as planned… to ensure they do go as planned.
  • In addition, you’ll establish your objectives for the challenge and embark on the journey to fulfill them.


Day 2

Second day focuses on Crafting Your Quiz following the 4 cardinal principles

Having gained clarity on your tasks for the upcoming days, it’s now time to shape your quiz. We’ll guide you on how to devise irresistible quiz questions that people feel compelled to answer. Moreover, you’ll master the art of formulating quiz responses that keep your quiz participants deeply engaged, motivating them to complete the quiz and register to receive their results.

This is the most extensive and contemplative segment of the entire challenge, and undoubtedly the most enjoyable. You’ll unravel:

  • The 4 cardinal principles for constructing a high-conversion quiz in any domain.
  • The sources for questions and answers that spark interest, foster interaction, and prompt action.
  • Our highly confidential ‘sequencing’ strategy to increase the number of people completing your quiz and signing up for results.
  • The reason why the 7-3-3 formula is an incredibly potent lead generation instrument and the method to implement it.

Day 3

Third day is all about building your quiz.

The construction process will take no more than 30 minutes, perhaps even less. You won’t need to invest any mental effort into it: every step is clearly delineated, numbered, and accompanied by a visual guide.

Moreover, you’ll be utilizing top-tier quiz software that makes all of this feasible in less than 30 minutes

  • The precise steps required to render your quiz visually appealing, target-specific, and highly engaging.
  • The optimal setup for concealing results and securing the signup.
  • The method to configure your lead capture page to gather leads and deliver results.
  • Additionally, a totally free recommendation and comprehensive walkthrough if you’re currently without an autoresponder service.

Day 4

Fourth day introduces A Heartfelt Introduction for Your Fresh Leads via Email

It’s only day 4 of 6! Now, it’s time to lay the groundwork to offer your new leads the opportunity to purchase your products as soon as they join.

Today, you’ll be composing the welcome email. Actually, that’s not entirely accurate. We’ve already drafted it for you; your task is simply to personalize it.

In this highly insightful lesson, you’ll uncover:

  • Techniques to create an eager buying atmosphere for your product or service.
  • Why ‘the visual aid’ and ‘the value bringer’ are about to become your secret sales arsenal.
  • Why the majority of ’email experts’ are mistaken about the role of emails in the context of quizzes.
  • Plus, the ‘foolproof’ Google strategy for delivering immense value in any email to increase click-through rates.

Day 5

Fifth day is dedicated to driving traffic to your quiz. It’s Time for Traffic – And It’s Simpler Than You Think

We’re now entering the phase of traffic generation, and it couldn’t be more straightforward. We’re going to dissect a Facebook ad format that’s so simple, you could execute it while half-asleep. Don’t let its simplicity deceive you, though. This ad format has a proven track record of delivering results.

  • How to construct a cost-effective, highly responsive Facebook Audience from scratch.
  • The essential structure of a high-conversion Facebook ad tailored for quizzes.
  • How to leverage your prospects’ most prevalent emotional state to devise a flawless headline.
  • Additionally, you’ll receive the one-sentence quiz ad formula.

Day 6

Finally, Day 6 explores the monetization of how to profit now and profit forever.

The only task remaining is to ensure the continuity of these sales well into the future. Today, you’re going to learn exactly how to achieve that.

Specifically, you’ll uncover:

  • How to transform customers into enthusiasts, super fans, and long-term purchasers.
  • The common misconception nearly everyone has about ‘value’ in the context of email marketing.
  • The simplest method to tap into the extraordinary sales potential of story-based marketing right from your initial email.
  • Additionally, a contemporary approach to email marketing that skillfully avoids the typical ‘Buy-Die-Unsubscribe’ strategy, significantly enhancing clicks, sales, and engagement.

By following the guidance in this challenge, you’ll be well-equipped to create engaging quizzes that will help you meet your online objectives. So, why wait? Start crafting your quizzes today!

Here are some additional tips for creating and promoting engaging quizzes:

  • Make your quizzes mobile-friendly as an increasing number of people are accessing the internet via their mobile devices.
  • Use humor to engage people and make your quizzes more memorable.
  • Keep your quizzes concise and straightforward to increase completion rates.
  • Leverage social media to promote your quizzes and encourage people to share them with their network.
  • Run contests and giveaways to generate excitement and promote your quizzes.

The Quizitri 6 Day Lead Challenge is available for purchase on the Quizitri 6 Day Challenge website. After registration, you’ll have access to everything you need to create and advertise quizzes that will help you attract new leads to your business.

Are you ready to generate more leads for your business? If so, the Quizitri 6 Day Lead Challenge is the perfect solution for you. In this challenge, you’ll learn how to create and advertise quizzes that will help you attract new leads. You’ll also learn how to analyze the results of your quizzes to improve your results over time.

Joining the Quizitri 6 Day Lead Challenge will provide you with numerous benefits:

  • You’ll learn how to create engaging and informative quizzes that will captivate your target audience.
  • You’ll learn how to promote your quizzes on social media and other online channels.
  • You’ll learn how to analyze the results of your quizzes to improve your results over time.
  • You’ll gain access to a community of other Quizitri users who can assist you with your lead generation efforts.

If you’re serious about generating more leads for your business, then the Quizitri 6 Day Lead Challenge is the perfect solution for you. So, what are you waiting for? Join the challenge today!

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